VoIP PBX Appliances

Prebuilt Asterisk based PBX Systems

Asterisk appliances are useful for small businesses wanting a complete PBX that is efficient in size, performance & speed

Business Phone Systems

There are many different business phone systems, some with almost every feature known and others that have hardly any of the modern day features a business would typically want. See how we can help

Support services

Unified Business Communications is pleased to offer full PBX Support Subscriptions. You will have your own dedicated account manager and support engineer for direct support

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PBX Appliance Lite - UBPBL20

Supports up to 15 phone extensions Details


PBX Appliance Standard - UBPBL50

Supports up to 50 phone extensions Details


PBX Appliance Standard Plus - UBPBL80

Supports up to 300 phone extensions Details


PBX Appliance Premium - UBPBX100

Supports up to 600 phone extensions Details